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News Alert: We have added a new menu item, GLEE Progress, to make it easy to find our periodic progress reports. Click in the navigation bar at the top. Past News Alert:: We're still looking for a benefactor to support the development of world-class, FREE Swahili training for GLEE and the other Global Learning XPRIZE teams. If you know of anyone, please Email Me. -- Byron Davies

Meet the StarShine Global Learning Environment Experience (GLEE) XPRIZE Team: (You can join us and help to spread this!)

  • StarShine Global XPRIZE Scientific Experts (donation required)
  • StarShine Global X-Prize Sponsors ($1000 - $50,000 sponsor packages available)
  • StarShine Global Learning XPRIZE Advisory Board and Supporters ($1 - $1000 donation required)

You will receive your benefits package and directions for next steps after you fill out this form below. .

Join as a Scientist/Technology Expert, Sponsor,   or StarShine Advisory Board and Supporters  and be a part of the development and/or spreading of StarShine... We are creating a ground-swell of “StarShine Sowers” sowing the seeds of hope we all care about, but farther.

If you want to be named in the StarShine Glee Team please fill out the form below.
You can also donate and help to raise funds on our Crowdfunding site at StarShine Global Learning Environment Experience NOW LIVE AT

On March 10th, 2015 we hosted a Press Conference with Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, speaking about how innovative Arizona is in education. Mayor Stanton joined our StarShine Global Learning XPRIZE team as the Honorary Chair.

You are helping to create an empowered generation to positively impact the world, foster global peace, creativity and understanding toward real sustainability by becoming a part of this team.

A Message from Trish McCarty, Founder and CEO, StarShine Academy

Dear Friends and Believers in a Better World,

I know how much passion you have for a more humane world, especially for children. Our non-profit charter school prototype, StarShine Academy, has given us a live, testing model for cutting-edge practices, tools, educational methodologies and technologies

On September 25, 2014 coinciding with the launch of my book “Transform," while in Los Angeles, Calif., I had the privilege and opportunity to meet with Dr. Peter Diamandis, Chairman & CEO of the XPRIZE Foundation and learn about his newest $15 million competition which is designed to be a global game-changer in education.

For those of you who don’t know about XPRIZE, they strive to make the impossible possible and have tackled some of the world’s greatest challenges. Peter hopes to solve every world problem in his lifetime. He wrote a book called “Abundance, The World is Better than You Think," and has led X-Prizes to produce the first private spaceflight, 100 MPG cars, oil-cleanup technology and most recently, competitions to go back to the Moon, address ocean acidification, and revolutionize healthcare.

----Peter's most important XPRIZE so far; the Grand Challenge, Global Learning XPRIZE was launched on September 22, 2014. This is a $15 million competition to create Open Source software that will teach a child to read, write, and perform basic arithmetic within 18 months without the aid of a teacher. This is not designed to replace teachers, but to provide an educational solution where little or none exist.

----According to UNESCO figures, 250 million kids in the world today lack basic literacy skills, making the world critically unstable. Perhaps you believe there are even more, since every day we see American kids and adults, who can’t read or write. And over 70% of American prisoners can’t read above fourth grade.

----In response to this challenge and to further our mission to Change K-12 Education Worldwide, we accepted his challenge to form a team to spread more StarShine throughout the world, by developing an open source and scalable software that will enable children around the world to teach themselves basic reading, writing and arithmetic, and based on StarShine's International Accreditation through AdvancED and StarShine's 15 Guiding Principles.

StarShine XPRIZE Team includes:

StarShine Global XPRIZE Scientific Experts (donation required)

StarShine Global XPRIZE Sponsors ($1000- $50,000 sponsor packages available)

StarShine GLEE Global Learning Environment Experience Advisory Board and Supporters ($1- $1000 donation required)

One individual can begin a movement that turns the tide of history. It takes a team to carry out the mission and effectuate the change. Be part of this team now.

How can your talents help the team to win? Can you imagine telling your grandchildren you were a part of a team that brought a proper education to every child in the world?

Dedicated to eliminating Global Illiteracy by bringing education to every child and Winning the Global Learning XPRIZE Challenge

How Can I Join Team StarShine ?

We believe many people want to help us carry out this mission. .

Anyone who shares our beliefs and commitment to this incredibly important cause may join our team. We have thirteen years of work to build upon and our experience tells us that we are ready for the groundswell of success. As Walt Disney put it, “It’s kind of fun to change the world.”


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