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I sent my youngest daughter to the Czech Republic to attend school because I did not feel that she would receive the education and safety that she needed in the United States. It angered me to feel forced to experience the agony of our separation and to have to spend so much money in order for my daughter to get a proper education. Then I started thinking about all of the mothers who don’t have a choice, and I became even angrier with the fact that our society, including me, had allowed this to happen. “Who will fix this,” I asked? The answer could not have been any more unusual.

Recent movies like “Waiting for Superman” provide an excellent vehicle to create the awareness that StarShine needs.

 In 2002, architect Vernon Swaback asked why Trish McCarty decided to leave a lucrative banking career to figure out how to “fix” our K-12 education system. As a result of her banking career and knowledge of economics and experiencing the general lack of “knowing” coming from recent graduates, she said to Vernon, “If we don’t fix this immediately, we are going to lose our country.” He said, “I’m in” and so did many others. > She told them, “We’re going to save the world.”  The “StarShine Effect” has spread to China, Canada, the U.K., Sudan and Liberia, and other places in Phoenix, without investors or press.

We teach kids, teachers, administrators and parents to save themselves, as fast as we can, so they can help others to do the same. We naturally love the kids and we teach them and their parents how to get and how to give love, self-discipline and respect. We do it through the vehicle of highly accredited, rigor and curriculum inside of the public education sector, and we deliver it through every means available today.

The human brain is divided into three main components: one is the neo-cortex: housing rational thought and language, the other two are controlled by the limbic brain: human behavior, trust, LOVE, fear, dread, anger, decision making. Our problem in education today is not in science and math; it is in social behavior, motivation and self-accountability. It comes from lack of parenting because their parents didn’t know how to do it either. Governments have told schools to educate uneducable kids with teachers that have not been prepared to reach them.

Like the Wright Brothers, amazing people have come together to solve the biggest problem on the planet and use their own blood, sweat, tears and money to bet on the outcome.  It worked; everyone can see it in the students’ and teachers’ faces and also looking at their test scores.

With over thirteen years of data, process development, failures and successes as our base, we > will acquire funds to enable us to capture 15%-18% of the market now, and then the rest will be written in history books;  We will cause a tipping point that the world has never seen. When Facebook and Microsoft came into the market nobody wanted them and nobody cared.  But StarShine is in an enviable position. There are three things that anyone on the planet today would pay for if they could find them:  1.What am I here for? 2. How can I have better relationships? And 3. How can I be more efficient in my learning? These are the first things that StarShine Academy cares about first. All test scores, behavior and belief starts there.

The following is a summary of what makes StarShine “Superman:”

We, the people of StarShine, have a dream:

That children—who naturally love learning—will remain powerful learners throughout their lives; and

That children—who naturally seek purpose—will find purpose through learning experiences they enjoy.

We, the people of StarShine, believe that this dream can best be realized through the knowledge that:

  1. Children benefit from holistic learning: mind, body, spirit, health, wealth.
  2. Children learn best surrounded by others—both older and younger than themselves—who also love to learn.
  3. Knowledge is gained by learning, not always by being taught.
  4. Teachers, administrators, and volunteers have as much to learn as children, and can best serve children by continuously learning themselves.
  5. Children are individuals.
  6. We all exist in the context of other individuals and human systems—always changing—with whom and with which we must learn to coexist and co-adapt.
  7. Learning is served by both short-term and long-term, both intrinsic and extrinsic motivations.
  8. People need a direct connection to nature.
  9. Standards describe long-term expectations of knowledge and skills; they do not prescribe curriculum or short-term milestones.

StarShine Planet was formed as a co-operative corporation to research, develop and market StarShine products, processes, technologies and licenses to any group that wants Internationally and Nationally Accredited K-12 curriculum and school processes. Based in social and behavioral modification practices, “StarShine School in a Box” creates a turn-key approach to opening and maintaining highly organized learning systems that guarantee 100% graduation, 100% parent-student satisfaction and greater, more efficient learning.


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