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StarShine Planet advocates for children and their needs and supports the growth of Internationally Accredited, StarShine Academy Schools, their influence and their outreach. It has developed an entire curriculum and system to change how and what children learn; ultimately toward success and happiness. StarShine Planet provides licenses, materials, accreditation and training for schools and leaders, wishing to become StarShine.

And NOW You have an opportunity to be a part of this exciting, world-changing effort!

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Winning Team

Become a part of StarShine Global Learning XPRIZE team for winning the Global XPRIZE and be a part of this evolution of learning for every child.
Click the next tab in this website (XPRIZE TEAM) for an explaination of XPrize levels of commitment and then donate the amount of your choice. Each level of committment will receive certificates, press announcements and various privileges. All levels will be included in receiving access to the technology as it is being developed and will be asked to review or respond to a few questions with your ideas for improvement.


StarShine Academy, of which StarShine Planet is a part, is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All donations support the educational initiatives of StarShine Academy and are tax-deductible under IRS regulations.

Be a part of helping hundreds of millions of children to learn reading, writing and arithmetic, along with StarShine values.

The Global Learning XPRIZE

We've formed a team to win the XPrize and we want YOU to join in. Creating the open-sourced, free technology software to do this is the easy part...getting it out, testing it, and perfecting it, depends on YOU!! Believers in the potential of children. Imagine telling your children and grandchildren about your involvement in bringing literacy and success to every child. Finally!!! After hoping and praying for years we all are getting the rocket launch we knew would come. It is going to be so "fun to do the impossible"...Walt Disney said it first :)

Trish McCarty explains StarShine Academy


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