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The people serving on the STARSHINE Planet Council Round Table Board of Directors, as you will read, are distinguished beyond what would normally be seen in one organization. Standing alone, they have accomplished amazing things and they each believe that in standing together, they will move mountains for millions of children to obtain appropriate and inspiring education.

STARSHINE ACADEMY is a movement that seems to collect the most incredible human beings, as it seems to have its own agenda. But as I speak on behalf of STARSHINE ACADEMY and its many parts, the people that you see in this document have given tirelessly to create the STARSHINE that we all appreciate.

Many of these wonderful folks have met regularly together for many hours to discuss how we can better build more STARSHINEs and help more children, faster. These people are committed to truly helping and working to make the world a better place. They are all so appreciated and will be for years to come. 

Trish McCarty

Trish McCarty

As Founder and CEO, Patricia McCarty, believing that the world could not be saved without properly educating youth, liquidated her 401(k) retirement savings from years in the banking business, received a generous donation from Kim and Robert Kiyosaki of RichDadPoorDad and opened the first STARSHINE ACADEMY in 2002. An advocate for children’s charities throughout her executive career, Ms. McCarty became increasingly alarmed at the lack of skills possessed by most U.S. children, in a country that she grew up to believe, revered education.

After spending exhausting hours participating in education reform “Think Tanks” and attending numerous K-12 education seminars, she felt as others coaxed her, that she needed to lead a massive reform effort for all of K-12 schools, incorporating the very best practices and ideas into one, well-defined, integrated system designed to grow, support and merge adaptation within the specific needs of each individual child and the needs of the culture of the community surrounding each school. The schools are based on body, mind, spirit, health, wealth and happiness for each child and focuses on teaching civil and international responsibility, financial literacy and adapting individualized goals, rich in gardening, art, music and peace building skills.

As Ms. McCarty worked within the confines of a charity, 501(c)3 business model, that requires founders to spend many hours finding charitable funds and doing paperwork, she and her partners, began to formulate business ideas that could provide an ongoing stream of funding to support existing schools as well as to build new schools and fund student and teacher enterprises. In 2004, with a generous donation from Cille and Vernon Swaback, she opened the STARSHINE Foundation account to begin to build funds for future learning environments. In 2006, Ms. McCarty incorporated STARSHINE PLANET to market school licenses, technology, methods and tools, STARSHINE BOUTIQUE inspirational items and Leadership Training for adults, called STARSHINE QUINTESSENTIAL INSTITUTE. The first EDUCATION LEADERSHIP training class was conducted in 2007, called “STARSHINE BOOTCAMP FOR LEARNING LEADERS," a week-long course that teaches adult leaders how to incorporate STARSHINE principles into their influence, especially with young students.

Byron Davies, Ph.D.

Byron Davies has spent his life learning and developing technology tomake business more effective and more productive. With education from Caltech, MIT, and Stanford, Dr. Davies developed technology and new business practices at computer chip manufacturers Texas Instruments and Motorola. For a decade, he had leadership roles with small companies designing and implementing products for e-commerce and health care. He is currently partner in a company launching software technology to help software developers find hidden bugs in their code. 

Parallel to his business career, Dr. Davies has had a longstanding passion for learning about learning. Early in his graduate education, he worked in the Logo group at MIT, and he has long been involved with both the Arizona charter school movement and the movement towards learning technology in Arizona. Dr. Davies is currently StarShine Academy's Chief Learner and Director of K-12 Innovation.

Leonora Ketyer, Ph.D:

Dr. Farrah’s career spans almost 40 years as a leader in the public and private sectors. Her extensive experience in the field of education ranges from preschool to post-graduate and continuing studies work. She has served in various positions and posts including teacher, principal, university faculty, executive director of a long established philanthropy, headmaster, executive director of a private school, superintendent of schools, curriculum director, corporate director of education, training and development consultant for a corporation of 7800 employees. Dr. Farrah served as headmaster of a Montessori school, a school for the gifted and talented, as a professor of Teacher Education at Brooklyn College in New York, and at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, and was visiting professor at New England College, Henniker, New Hampshire and Florida Atlantic University.

Dr. Farrah received her Bachelors Degree in Foreign Languages, her Masters Degree in Russian Area Studies and Sixth Year Advanced Certificate in the English Language Arts from Brooklyn College and her doctorate in Education and School Business Management from Rutgers University. She was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, and has received numerous recognitions and awards, including Lifetime Membership in the P.T.A., Fellow in the Sloan Kettering IDEA New York Women’s Press Club for publications and certificate of achievement in community service from the Atlantic City Education Foundation, where she has served as its president. She was awarded Advisor of the Year at New England College and Outstanding Education Professor of the Year at Florida Atlantic University. She received the Presidential Recognition for distinguished Community Service from Rotary International and was one of the first women inducted as a Rotarian worldwide.

Shep Gordon

Vice President / Director SHEP GORDON was born on Long Island, New York. Co-chairman of Alive Films, he is president of Alive Enterprises, one of the leading music/film/TV/video and management firms in the entertainment industry. During the past decade, Alive has managed such diverse talents as Alice Cooper, Raquel Welch, Anne Murray, Rick James and Ben Vereen. As executive producer of all client records, Gordon has been responsible for record sales in excess of 100 million records worldwide.

Shep is the subject of a 2014 documentary movie called "Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon."

Sherry Lund

Sherry Lund is the Grande Dame for the Knights Hospitaller, a humanitarian effort as the original knight’s organization. Sage Foundation for Health Humanitarian Award honored Sherry as an individual in the Valley of the Sun who demonstrate strong leadership in philanthropy and/or community service, particularly in the healthcare sector. The Sage Foundation is committed to providing care for the medically underserved, and the recipient of this award goes above and beyond in his/her contributions to this same mission.

In honor of her commitment to Naturopathic Medicine, the Sage Foundation honored Mrs. Sherry Lund as recipient of the 2007 Sage Foundation for Health Humanitarian Award. “It’s not about anything other than helping people and helping children…I feel like I’m on a mission,” said Lund recently of her involvement with the Sage Foundation.

Lund has stood firmly behind the cause of Naturopathic Medicine, particularly serving underprivileged populations through support of the Sage Foundation for Health.

As a prominent benefactor in the Valley, Lund has worked as a philanthropist for more than 30 years. “I’ve always been involved with things to do with children,” said Lund, and with all sorts of organizations from “hotlines for pregnant teens to the Scottsdale Jaycee, STARSHINE ACADEMY to the Boys and Girls Club.”

“I was raised on Naturopathic Medicine,” Lund explained. Upon learning that there was a Naturopathic college in Tempe, Lund immediately became interested helping the school. Soon after being invited to join the College’s Board of Trustees, she learned of the Sage Foundation for Health and its good works, and dove into assisting.

Mia A. Martori

Ms. Martori has served as President of Sedona Spa since 1998. An Arizonan for over 25 years, she has combined her southwestern experience, passion for helping people and education background to create the unique, quality line of Sedona Spa products.

As president, Ms. Martori’s primary focus is on monitoring new advances and product formulations with the company’s chemists to meet her clients’ evolving needs. Additionally, the product line speaks to the promotion of animal awareness and environmental care.

Ms. Martori has a broad background, stemming from a lifelong interest in learning, beginning at Colorado State University where she received a B.S. in Wildlife Biology and later at Northern Arizona University where she earned a Master of Arts degree in Biological Sciences. She has worked and traveled extensively internationally and is active in community affairs.

Ms. Martori is President of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Ecotourism, and is a member of several organizations including the Executive Board of Directors, Arizona Women’s Leadership Forum, Governing Board of Directors Starshine Academy and the Women’s Presidents’ Organization. She also works closely with the University of Arizona Foundation Board.

Ms. Martori lives in Phoenix with her family, numerous companion animals and is an avid equine enthusiast.

Ian Percy

An organizational psychologist, Ian has a world-wide reputation for his ability to blend depth of insight with uplifting inspiration. He’s been changing the thinking of major corporations in technology, finance, pharmaceuticals, education, manufacturing and many other sectors – enabling them to move toward profitable transformation. He’s the author of seven books including The Profitable Power of Purpose and As You Think, So It Will Be, the latter scheduled for release in early 2008. Successful Meetings magazine declared him “One of the top 21 speakers for the 21st century” and he’s been inducted into both the Canadian and US Speaker Halls of Fame. Ian is a Canadian though he and his wife Georgia now live in Scottsdale, Arizona.

toggle title="Diane Dearmore"]

Diane Dearmore is CEO and President of Gardens for Humanity, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization of people who are united by a common vision and passion to catalyze the building of sustainable gardens in communities, homes, schools and institutions. An advocate for the environment and a more holistic lifestyle, she served as the Director for the Institute of EcoTourism in Sedona, Arizona where she organized a world forum for water issues and brought together leading authorities from the Hopi Tribe. Dr. Emoto, a celebrity scientist featured in the movie, “What’s the Bleep Do We Know” was among the distinguished guests invited to the summit.
Ms. Dearmore has the fortune of mixing her distinguished corporate banking past, requiring skills of focus and accountability, at one time as an executive of Mellon Bank, with her life passion to make the world a better place by leading others to a more sustainable environment.


Dr. Oris Friesen

Dr. Oris Friesen has been involved in Information Technology as an engineer, scientist and Fellow in industry for more than 30 years with General Electric, Honeywell and Groupe Bull. He performed groundbreaking work in the development of database management systems that led to several patents. He has collaborated with Arizona State University researchers to develop constructivist educational software modules, and has been involved in several eLearning endeavors. He is currently focusing on projects dealing with telecommunications, software engineering and digital visual literacy. He is Vice Chair for the Arizona Telecommunications and Information Council, a Co-Principal Investigator for a National Science Foundation grant and a coordinator representing Mesa Community College for a U.S. Department of Labor grant in software quality assurance and testing.

Very Rev. Rebecca McClain

Former Vice President / Director Executive Director of the National Episcopal Church Deployment Office, former Dean of Trinity Episcopal Diocese, Arizona. She is the person who originally encouraged Ms. McCarty to open StarShine Academy. The Very Rev. Rebecca L. McClain, the Godly Play Foundation's executive director, said the alliance (with CPI) "has been achieved because of our passion for the stories we share and the children we seek to serve around the world. We are committed to work together in a spirit of wonder." The Rev. Rebecca McClain, an expert in teaching religion to children, has been named Canon Missioner and interim pastor at St. Mark's Cathedral in Seattle and will take up her new duties on Nov. 1, 2008.

A cradle Episcopalian and a Houston native, McClain is a former high school teacher with a bachelor's degree in biology and history from Trinity University in San Antonio. After experiencing a call to ordination in 1974, she earned a master's degree in religion from the Seminary of the Southwest and eventually was ordained in 1985.

She served at Resurrection, Austin, and at Epiphany, Houston, before moving to Arizona in 1989. There, she was involved in developing rural ministry and stewardship. In 1992, she was named Canon to the Ordinary and, three years later, became dean of Trinity Cathedral. In 2005 she was named executive director of the national Church Deployment Office (CDO).

Marilyn Prosch, Ph.D

Associate Professor, Department of Accounting, Arizona State University School of Global Management and Leadership is a member of the AICPA's Privacy Task Force, which developed the Generally Accepted Privacy Principles. Dr. Prosch is a full-time faculty member at ASU where she teaches Data Protection and Privacy Auditing. She has met with the Federal Trade Commission, Department of Commerce and the Ontario Privacy Commissioner several times over the past six years on the issue of data protection.

Dr. Prosch’s presentations include Data Protection and Generally Accepted Privacy Principles. Protecting personal information is a major concern for organizations of all types. In the U.S. alone, over 170 privacy breaches have already occurred during 2006, including universities, not-for-profits, government agencies and large corporations. The FTC is increasingly sanctioning businesses and requiring privacy audits for companies that have both intentional and unintentional privacy breaches. She is a frequent guest speaker to introduce privacy risk assessment techniques and the AICPA's Generally Accepted Privacy Principles (GAPP). 

Vernon D. Swaback

Vice President / Director Vern Swaback is an architect and planner and has earned the right to be called one of our most distinguished visionaries. An editorial in an Australian paper said his writings read "like a scream from the heart for a more humane manner of development." The Washington Post carried an article by Neil Pierce about Vern's work entitled, "A Community and Global Vision From An Arizona Architect."
Mr. Swaback first came to Arizona to become Frank Lloyd Wright's youngest apprentice. He served with the Wright organization for more than two decades before founding what is now Swaback Partners. Vern's 40-person firm includes architects, planners, and interior designers

Douglas M. Brattebo

Raised in Des Moines, Iowa, and trained as a scholar of executive leadership, Brattebo's interests reside at the nexus of leadership, civic education, globalization, and the preservation of the planet. He believes that the Twenty-First Century will determine the outcome of the human enterprise.

Brattebo is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Iowa with majors in Political Science and History and a minor in Journalism. He earned an M.A. in American Politics from the University of Maryland at College Park, and went on to earn a Ph.D., with a special emphasis on the American presidency, from the same institution. In addition, Brattebo earned his J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center and is a member of the Maryland Bar.

From 1999 to 2005, Brattebo served as an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, where he taught Honors Introduction to American Government, The American Presidency and the Executive Branch, and a Seminar on the Democratic Peace. In May of 2002 he was the winner of the Naval Academy's prestigious Apgar Award for Teaching Excellence, for demonstrating "effectiveness in teaching the qualities of leadership, with special emphasis on character, responsibility, and integrity, through the academic environment, curriculum, and mentoring roles outside the classroom." Brattebo served as American Government Course Coordinator at the Naval Academy and continues to be a mentor of undergraduates and graduate students through the Center for the Study of the Presidency. His most recent book, co-edited with Tom Lansford and Robert Maranto, is The Second Term of George W. Bush: Prospects and Perils.

In 2005, Brattebo became the Director of the Education Policy Fellowship Program (EPFP) at the Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL). He has overseen the Lumina Foundation for Education's two-year study of EPFP, and brought a global subject matter focus to EPFP's two annual national conferences. Brattebo has traveled to India and China bridging education, globalization, and economic development.

James A. Goodman, Ph.D

James A. Goodman, Ph.D., was named president of the Morehouse School of Medicine, in 1989, succeeding MSM’s first president, Dr. Louis W. Sullivan, when Sullivan was appointed secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services under the administration of President George H.W. Bush.
Goodman, who joined MSM in 1980 as associate dean for administration, became vice president of administration and policy, and in 1985 was named the executive vice president of MSM. Dr. Goodman is a former vice provost of the University of Washington in Seattle, and also was a former dean of the University of Minnesota.
Dr. Goodman, as Past President, of Morehouse College School of Medicine, the first Black medical college, has had a profound effect in educating underserved citizens. Dr. Goodman is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author and expert in healthcare management systems, psychiatry and social work, including foreign agencies. He has coordinated training and educational efforts throughout Africa, Asia and the Far East as well as the United States. As Senior Professor Associate for the Institute of Medicine for the National Academy of Sciences he formed research teams and policy for all aspects of healthcare for the United States. During the 1960's he was the Director for the Los Angeles City Health Department. He was Chairman and CEO of Managed Health Care Systems, Inc., Director, Office of International Training Agency for International Development, U.S. Department of State; and Vice Provost, University of Washington. Consulted for the Office of President of the Boeing Company, the Department of Army and the Department of Health and Human Services. He was named Seattle's Man of the Year in 1995.

Scott Lerman - CEO and Founding Partner, Lucid Brands

Scott has built his career by helping companies navigate critical moments in their creation, transition, and extension. His broad and deep expertise in integrated brand consulting, corporate identity, design, and implementation comes from over two decades as a leader and practitioner.
In 2005 Scott founded Lucid Brands, a brand consultancy dedicated to the development of world-class brands. The firm’s clients include Owens-Illinois, Butterfield Bank, Engelhard, Scotiabank, CommonHealth, The Society of American Travel Writers, The Design Management Institute, The Washington Center, Zachry, VOIS, Starshine Academy, Concave Sports and others. Before founding Lucid Brands, Scott led two of the world’s leading brand consultancies. During his 17 years at Siegel & Gale he held a range of senior positions, including President. In 2001 he was named President and CEO of Enterprise IG, Americas.
At Enterprise IG he helped DuPont create and spin off INVISTA, its $6.2 billion synthetics fibers business, acted as trusted strategic council to American Express’ card, travel, and small business sectors; worked with organizations in flux, including Pfizer Informatics to realign their offer; and enabled Caterpillar to navigate its businesses and brands through complex global markets.
At Siegel & Gale, Scott helped to revive National Semiconductor’s grand old brand; led the team that developed the strategic brand positioning for Bayer; worked with Harley-Davidson to define its core promise; gave back to the community through programs like “Principal for a Day”; provided pro bono consulting for organizations like America’s Second Harvest; developed the brands and strategies for online businesses including The Weather Channel, LycosShop, ClickRadio,, and Kodak; and launched many of the world’s most influential financial services brands, including NationsBank, PNC Bank, and Caja España.
A frequent author and lecturer, Scott has explored and commented on the issues shaping businesses and brands in The Design Management Journal, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Identity, Revolution, and other publications, and before such diverse groups as DMI (where he serves on the advisory board), AMA, AMA, AIGA, The Conference Board, Thunderbird, Apple, and J.P. Morgan.

Jack Ring

Jack Ring applies systems principles and systems engineering practices to the evolution of peopled systems such as business enterprises, and he mentors high tech organizations regarding strategy, innovation, organization, business process and growth. He is experienced in a variety of markets and businesses including industrial, commercial, aerospace, intelligence and the public sector. Jack learned management competencies at General Electric.

Jack Ring has produced numerous innovations during twenty years with General Electric, ten years with Honeywell and twenty years coaching more than thirty high tech startups and turnarounds.

His innovations include end-results, such as electronic devices, software systems, race cars and knowledge management systems as well as enabling-results such as enterprise architectures, processes for educing knowledge production and utilization, and ways and means for pursuit of ones own “personal best.”

He was named Fellow of the International Council on Systems Engineering in 2003 where he conducts tutorials and futurist panels and co-chaired the Intelligent Enterprises Working Group. He is an Industrial Fellow at the Stevens Institute of Technology, School of Systems and Enterprises and a Senior Analyst with Cyon Research Corp. Jack is active in six professional societies and has collected high marks for his presentations and tutorials at conferences in the U.S., Australia, Europe, and Israel. He earned a BA, Physics, Emporia State University (ex-Kansas State Teachers College) and continues formal education in systems, innovation and the practice of serving followers. 

Caroline Sotello Viernes Turner

Caroline Sotello Viernes Turner is a Professor of Educational Leadership & Policy Studies and Lincoln Professor of Ethics & Education, Arizona State University. She became a researcher with a focus on access and equity in higher education because these issues are important to the goal of expanding opportunities for her home community and other communities around the world. 
She grew up working as a laborer on farm labor camps and describes herself as a woman of color, a Latina/Filipina, from a "no collar" class. While conducting interviews with women and racially/ethnically diverse faculty, students, and administrators in the United States, she has had many opportunities to converse with, read, and write about their work/life experiences. For example, finding little written to document the lives of the first Asian Pacific American, Latina, and American Indian women presidents of four-year colleges, she dedicated herself to filling this gap in the literature, not only bringing their histories to light but in hopes that these stories can provide inspiration to others who follow in their paths. 

Professor Turner also finds it important to translate scholarship into practice by sharing her research in lectures and workshops she conducts throughout the country and internationally for those attempting to increase the participation of students, faculty, and administrators typically underrepresented on college campuses. Narratives of her study participants describe how each person brings a unique background to her/his work/ life experience. In other words, who you are shapes the types of questions you ask, the kinds of issues which interest you, and the ways in which you go about seeking solutions. Professor Turner’s work reflects an enduring commitment to give voice and visibility to those considered non-traditional. 


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